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GSM & WIFI Intrusion Alarm


SL-GW28: WiFi + GSM Wireless Security Home Alarm Systems with APP Control



How does it work?

This CubeAlarm is totally based on GSM cellular technology, after insert a valid SIM card, the system will connect into GSM wireless cellular network. The entire system is ran by your phone (including normal GSM cellphone and smart phone with app). The app features with away arming/stay arming/Disarming, and phone number setting, entry/exit delay...etc. Simply place your motion sensor interior your home, and door/window sensors for main entry points, and activate the system, when any one of sensor is triggered, it will set off alarm. The alarm system will not only make voice phone call, but also sending text message for alarm notification.

The Alarm Panel

Different from other traditional alarm panels, the Cubealarm features no hand operation. The Cubealarm alarm panel is the "brain" of your alarm system, it's equipped with Quad-band GSM frequency (850/900/1800/1900MHz) GSM communicator, requires a valid SIM card for alarm connection to begin working. The Cubealarm is built-in loud 85dB siren that can make deterrent intrusion effectively. All the setup and configuration are made by the smart phone. The plug-n-play features can allow user install the system with flexibility.




  • Innovative GSM & WIFI dual network operating platform. On WIFI network, the alarm system will work

  • without any fee. If no WIFI, it will work on GSM automatically. With state-of-the-art WIFI network technology,

  • the system more stable, safer.

  • Two-way communication, keep checking the commnunication between the panel and accessories, make

  • sure the system safer.

  • The system's APP integrated the IP camera to realize the video record, send pictures to user’s Email when

  • alarming.

  • 1 slave wired relay output, support alarm output, APP control output.

  • 20 slaves wireless smart home control to switch light, and other home appliances. Set up to 4 scenes, 8

  • slaves relay per scene.

  • Wireless encode function, support 10 keyfobs/keypads, 24 wireless zones, 4 wired zones & 4 RFID zone.

  • Zone name/content could be edited by yourself, and set alarm delay or not.

  • APP push message including alarm zone and sensor’s name when alarming.

  • APP check the system in real-time: AC power OK or not; system Arm or Disarm; sensor low voltage or not;

  • sensor connect to panel or not; the zone has accessories or not. Check the system's status clearly in time.

  • Answer alarming calls & Remotely make call to the alarm panel ( with voice prompt ) to start monitoring, voice

  • intercom, talk back, arm/disarm.

  • Answer calls like a cell phone.

  • Support wired and wireless siren.

  • Support CID protocol.

  • Factory reset.

Technical Information:


1. Power supply: input AC=100 ~ 240V, output DC =12V
2. Static current: <50mA (when not in charging , excluding wired detectors)
3. Alarm current: <120mA (excluding wired siren)
4. GSM transmission power: 2W
5. WIFI frequency: 2.4G, built-in wireless internet protocol IEEE802.11b/g and TCP/IP protocol stack
6. WIFI receiving sensitivity: -86dbm; Emitting power: 18dbm
7. GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900
8. Backup battery: 3.7V/1200MA/H; Standby: 12 hours or more; Charge: 12 hours full
9. Wireless receiving distance: > 100 meters (open space)
10. Wireless transmission distance: > 100 meters (open space)
11. Work condition: Temp -10 º C ~ 70 º C , RH 5% ~ 95%

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