• Commodity name: WOP-650
  • Product Details
  • WOP-650:PIR Wireless Infrared Detector With Pet Immunity For Outdoor Detection

    General statement:

    WOP650 is a wireless PIR detector specially designed for outdoor short detectio n operation,
    it adopts four-element PIR sensor,double-layer screening filtering system and MCU optimization processing technology,
    which guarantees that detector is stable enough to avoid interference from sunshine,
    RFI etc, and it is suitable for outdoor environment. It adopts low power consumption design,
    the built-in battery is with long life up to 24 months.

    1. Four-element PIR detection technology
    2. Adopt intelligent multi-grade signal processing software to analyze and manage various factors to reduce false alarm
    3. Professional water proof design, suitable for outdoor operation
    4. Double layer filtering system
    5. Digital analysis pet immunity up to 20kg
    6. High/low sensitivities optional
    7. IP65 water proof design, unique full range temperature compensation technology
    8. Modulation wireless signal transmission design, can offer signal communications in any frequency



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