OTD-40T 3-tech Outdoor 2 PIR + MW Motion Detector With Anti-mask & And/or Select

  • Commodity name: OTD-40T
  • Product Details
  • OTD-40T 3-tech Outdoor 2 PIR + MW Motion Detector With Anti-mask & And/or Selection

    1.DRO micro radar+2 independent dual PIR detection technology.
    2.Adopts multi-grades intelligent signal processing software, full analysis and processing of all kinds of false alarms.
    3.Adopts micro power-consumption 8 digits CMOS single chip control.
    4.Professional grade IP-65 water-proof design, fit for fully outdoor installation
    5.Double layer filtering system, anti strong light interference..
    6.Digital analysis pet-immunity technology.
    7.MW anti-masking technology, can detect the attempt of blocking MW or PIR channel.
    8.3 colors LED display, can recognize signals of PIR, MW, anti-masking and troubles.
    9.Unique anti-masking and trouble output.
    10.AND/OR modes for option, fit for various kinds of environments.
    11.MW range adjustable.
    12.With high/low sensitivity selection.
    13.Unique full-range temperature compensation technology.
    14.Anti strong EMI interference.
    15.EI control mode for option.


    Operation voltage/current9-16V/DC   25mA
    Detection distance12m   110°
    Installation height1.5m-2.4m
    MW frequency10.525GHz
    SensitivityL/H for option
    RFI/EMI protection>30V/m   500MHz
    Alarm output200mA/24V
    Anti-mask /trouble output100mA/24V
    Tamper output300mA/24V
    Operation temperature-20ºC~+55ºC
    Operation humidity5%-95%(RH)
    Anti white light>10000LUX
    Operation modeDual-tech or single-tech alarm modes for option
    Detection speed0.2m/s to 3.5m/s
    Pet immunity25Kg


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